Need Help - Experienced Adobe Flash Animators

2017-06-30 22:29:11 by YowLifeProductions

I've been animating projects by myself for around 4 - 5 years.

Recently, with my growing experience, as well as not having as much free time, my animations have been taking a lot longer to make.

More and more fans are now demanding the animations to be finished soon.

What I would like to do is hire another Adobe flash animator, to help animate my projects. this way, they can get finished a lot faster.

However, I do not have much experience working with another animator.

-I'd like it if anyone can give me advice and tips about this.


And if you're interested in helping animate my projects, please email me your work,

I work with the pencil tool, 1280 x 720, at 30fps.


My channel:






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2017-07-01 01:00:51

Then, are you good at 2D animating?

YowLifeProductions responds:

I'd like to think so, here's my last animation:

But I have improved even more since then, (I've been using the pencil tool for outlines) here's my last flash drawing:


2017-07-02 04:00:27

OH MY GOD Yow Life Production's from Youtube! I like your animation Gamerz